Worried? Stressed?

Cast your cares on Him

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At this point in our history we’re going through something that no other era has been through before.  Overnight we’ve seen the closure of businesses, some that have been around for a long time, thousands of us have lost our jobs, we can no longer go out to restaurants, cafes or bars, we can no longer travel freely, we’re not free to go to the shops – hey we can’t even go to church any more!  Overnight many of us have lost our financial security and we now live under a constant health threat with the new virus doing the rounds.  The sad thing is, if we lose our loved ones, we can’t even be there at the end with them or say goodbye at the funeral.

It’s a time of unprecedented upheaval and shaking.

Maybe in previous years we might have tuned into the footy to distract us.  We might have gone and visited friends, played sport or gone out for a meal – anything to take our mind off the constant worries and fear that we now face.

It’s our human nature to try to solve all the issues before us and find a way out of all the problems we face.  Our survival mode kicks in.  But how far does that get us?  We get stressed out, we think on the situation, we chew it over, it begins to consume us – we become filled with fear and panic.  But that is not the way it should be.

There’s a verse in the bible in 1 Peter 5 that says cast your cares on Jesus because He cares for you.  Even if you don’t believe in God, I challenge you today to take that bible verse as it’s written.   It can take a bit of courage and feel a bit silly to begin with, but something simple, spoken out loud (even spoken quietly so that others in your house can’t hear) is all it takes.

“Hey God, I don’t even know if you’re there or whether you hear me, or whether you’re even listening, but I’m really worried about what’s going on right now”.  Go on and tell Him all the things that are concerning you.

It might seem silly and a little unnatural when you’re talking to somebody that you can’t see and aren’t even sure exists, but I believe as you start to do that, things will start to change inside of you.  Our problems may not be solved in an instant.  But if you can take the challenge and cast your cares on Jesus, then you will begin to have a peace come and replace the worry and fear.

Each time those worries and fears come back up, remind yourself to cast them on Jesus and speak to Him about them.  We might think that we’re all alone in this, that nobody cares.  But another verse in the Bible, at the end of Matthew, says that Jesus is always there with us, even to the very end of time.  No matter what we’re going through, He’s there.  He’s just waiting on us to make the move and call out to Him.

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