About Us

One Way desires to build on the heritage of Christian revivals in Bendigo and the heritage of the CRC. Bendigo was once the home of early Wesleyan revivals, especially across the gold field areas of the city such as Golden Square and Eaglehawk, where people would cry out in the streets “What must I do to be saved”, churches were continually opened and then overflowed and many people were saved and set free. The CRC was founded by Leo Harris in similar ways, with the emphasis on the Holy Spirit bringing great healings, deliverances and revivals.

The City of Greater Bendigo:

  • Located in the geographical centre of the state of Victoria, Bendigo is a thriving regional city of 114000, which is growing rapidly.
  • Eaglehawk has a population of 4810 and Sailors Gully 761 (2011 figures)
  • Bendigo was named by Spanish Sailors. Bendigo means “I BLESS” in Spanish. Bendigo was proclaimed a city in 1871, although the region was known as Bendigo since the late 1840’s.
  • The first religious service in Bendigo was conducted around the late 1840’s on the goldfields and the first church service at Eaglehawk by the Methodist Thomas Hunt, who was from Geelong and walked to Bendigo.
  • In the early years, Bendigo was not only known for its gold, but as a rich agriculture area.
  • As gold was discovered in the earlier years, the city entered a period of rapid growth and prosperity. Along with this came major revivals, especially around the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.